​​​​​Women Empowerment and Development Organization

About Us

For far too long women have struggled with inequality, domestic abuse, poverty, inadequate health care, human trafficking, and much more. The voices of women in third world countries are rarely heard. They are often the last to eat, the least paid and lack access to rights. In 2012, the brutal gang rape of a 23-year-old female student in Delhi, India made news all over the world. Unfortunately, stories like this have become the norm for women. Throughout recorded history, women of all ages, races, and nationalities have been oppressed. Whether the oppression is physical, mental, or verbal, it is evident that sexism exists in the nooks and crevices of our seemingly utopian society. These issues are unacceptable, yet all too common so we decided to take a stand against this issue with the intention to improve the lives of women around the world and create ​​​​​Women Empowerment and Development Organization (WED).

WED is an international student run non-profit organization with the goal to advance from country to country helping women break the poverty cycle they struggle with daily. Women Empowerment and Development Organization has focused on what really matters by finding women in need of support and being there to catch them when they fall. We strive to stand up for women as their support by helping them gain their rights. We have helped underprivileged women in India who face financial difficulties and domestic abuse through our projects such as Sui Dhaga. 

We hope to continue to help women everywhere and spread our message of equality across the globe. Please join us and support our cause in aiding underprivileged women in need. We would appreciate your help in raising awareness, collecting donations, and expanding WED by opening up your own branch at your institution. Contact us for more information.