​​​​​Women Empowerment and Development Organization


August 21, 2020

As a humanitarian organization, it is our duty to aid those in need. With the COVID-19 Pandemic taking over our lifestyles, it is safe to say that the less fortunate are in need of basic needs. With its detrimental impact on our health, the pandemic has stripped many from their jobs while also forcing some to continue working on-site, with a high risk of contamination, to feed their families. With that being said, there are also a handful of compassionate human beings who are willing to help the needy by being at risk themselves. WED’s intention is to aid both populations-those in need and those willing to help the needy. Therefore, we have decided to partner with local makerspaces on the east coast and donate PPE and face masks to victims and volunteers at women’s shelters, domestic abuse centers, and homeless shelters. Visit the ‘Our Work’ tab for more information and specific details on The Health Equity Project! 


August 3, 2020

According to the campus operation updates received by NJIT, WED has decided to hold all events, fundraisers, and general body meetings virtually for the rest of the year. Be sure to check highlander hub regularly for upcoming events activities. If you are not an NJIT student, contact us and we will try to get you involved!


​July 25, 2020

WED has always reached its efforts globally, but also made sure to impact the local community. While continuing to self-quarantine during current times, one of our executive board members has encountered a lady in need in her local community. Amita Varma is an Indian lady who became victim to domestic abuse about two months ago. One night, her husband had beat her to the point where she was bleeding, but brave Amita gathered the courage to call the police and seek for help. Since that day onwards, Amita, along with her two children under age 10, has been residing in a shelter provided by the state government. After speaking to her, we found out that this was not the first time her husband had misbehaved with her; he had been abusing her since their marriage about 8 years ago. WED holds no tolerance against such oppression and speaks up for Amita’s rights. Her husband has had a restraining order issued, and both have a court date scheduled for later this year with a rightfully assigned case manager.  

Currently, Amita is working on building her presence in the community and seeking means to support her and her children. She is taking driving lessons to get her license, opening up a bank account, and receiving IT training to be placed in a job. These efforts are being supported by the state, but she needs more! Amita needs a car and a home as the shelter only provides temporary accommodation. She has a couple of months left to figure them out and WED will be closely working with her to accommodate the needs. With that being said, we ask our WED community to help us support Amita for her financial needs and to help her raise her children in a safe and deserved manner. Please contact us if you are willing to help. We’re in this together Amita!!

~Accurate names and specific details have been left out to maintain the anonymity of the victim ~


​​​​April 20, 2020

As a result of COVID-19, WED has carefully assessed the situation and currently halted the Sui Dhaga institution for everyone’s safety. The project will continue its efforts once conditions improve and the government allows the resumption of activities that involve gatherings. Regardless of this halt, we continue to collect funds through our Go Fund Me page, which you can access here!